Şanlıurfa’s official tourist card

The Şanlıurfa Pass is a sightseeing card that will help you to see Şanlıurfa’s top attractions and at the same time save both time and money. Get free entry to all of Şanlıurfa’s top museums plus the Göbeklitepe World Heritage Site. And to get you there, the Şanlıurfa Pass is also your ticket for public transport services across the city making it even easier to get from place to place.

How it works?

The Şanlıurfa Pass is a bundle composed of three different parts:

  • Şanlıurfa Pass – access to the museums and Göbeklitepe
  • UrfaKart – a travelcard on Şanlıurfa’s city bus network
  • Visitor map

All of this comes in one small pack together with information on how to use the cards and an overview of the included attractions.


Travel made easy


Getting from each popular attraction is made easy with the travelcard.
The travelcard covers four trips within the city centre and a return trip to Göbeklitepe and comes free in every Şanlıurfa Pass bundle.